Massage Therapy

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”
Chinese Proverb


At AcuSpa all our massages come with a complimentary “Health Habit” evaluation. This allows our therapists to have a good understanding of your needs so that your massage can be therapeutic as well as relaxing……ahhhh. In addition, unlike other spas, AcuSpa services are a FULL 60 minutes and we allow 15 minutes in between each services, which means our therapists are not rushed and will have ample time to rejuvenate before your service.


Swedish Massage

Traditional massage with long soothing strokes with varying degrees of hand pressure. This treatment is ideal for relaxing the mind, improving circulation, and reducing minor muscle tension.
60 min $85 Member $69
90 min $125 Member $99

Deep Tissue Massage

Deeper pressure and/or advanced techniques to alleviate more serious conditions. Ideal for those who feel the discomfort from aches and pains created from work. Helps restore you to your daily activities. Includes a Sombra neck wrap.
60 min $95 Member $79
90 min $140 Member $119

Advanced Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage using active or passive joint movement with muscle stripping. An advanced therapist will move your arm and legs through a range of motions while applying deep tissue massage for more effective results. Benefits people who suffer from chronic pain, acute pain, and reduced range of motion.

60 min $115 Member $97
90 min $155 Member $124

Prenatal Massage

A wonderful way to reduce the stress of pregnancy by reducing muscle tension and fatigue, alleviating water retention and increasing blood circulation.
60 min $85 Member $69

Hot stoneHealing Hot Stones

Long known for deep relaxing qualities, these warm stones are massaged along muscle groups and retained in the best spots to release muscle tension.
60 min $100 Member $119
90 min $150 Member $129


Lavender Hand Paraffin– soften skin or a Sombra wrap for tired hands.
$15 or $12 for Members

Shea Butter/Sea Salt Foot Treatment– scrub, mask and a hot towel wrap.
$15 or $12 for Members

Scalp & Hair Treatment- invigorate and nourish. Includes massage.
$25 or $19 for Members

Essential Oils– perfect to enhance any treatment.
$10 or $7 for Members

Sombra Neck Wrap– muscle relaxer with hot towel wrap.
$10 or $7 for Members


The Works

Intended for those who need a lot of recovery in one session. Relax and regenerate with a deep tissue massage, enhanced with aromatherapy, a foot treatment, a two-part scalp therapy, and Sombra heat therapy for the hands, neck and shoulders.
90 min $150 Member $129

The 19th Hole

A golfers greatest asset is the body. This treatment is designed to release myofascial restrictions (muscle tightness) by using advance physical therapy techniques and stretching along with deep tissue massage to restore performance. Look forward to improved posture and circulation: increase muscle flexibility and joint range of motion. Reduce risk of injuries and improve your game! Please make sure to bring a t-shirt or tank top and shorts.
60 min $100 Member $89

Head and Shoulders

This treatment is designed to relieve muscle tension along the head, neck and shoulders. As your neck and shoulders are being prepared with Sombra heat therapy, enjoy a two-part scalp treatment and face massage. Once warmed-up, massage is focused on the neck and shoulders to reduce all the tension build-up.
45 min $70 Member $59

Deluxe Foot Treatment

Restore your tired restless feet while calming your whole body. It’s true, your feet have pressure points accessing your entire body! This treatment includes a vigorous scrub and hot towel wrap with essential oils, followed by a thorough and invigorating foot massage.
30 min $55 Member $49


Couples Massage

Share a special experience with your partner. Massages are done in the same room. Rose petals, candles, and relaxing music. Romance is in the air!

Swedish 60 min $170 Member $138
Swedish 90 min $250 Member $198

Deep Tissue 60 min $190 Member $158
Deep Tissue 90 min $280 Member $238

Synchronized Massage

Experience euphoria as four hands massage you in synchronized motions.
60 min $190 Member $159

Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage uses a range of specialized and gentle rhythmic pumping techniques to stimulate the lymphatic flow. This flow carries substances vital to the defense of the body and removes waste products. It can boost the immune system, reduce fluid retention, and help detoxify the body. The treatment is also quite relaxing to the client as it has a highly calming effect on the body.

Great for Post Liposuction, see our Lymphatic Drainage page!
45 min $85 Member $69


Each 60 min $85-Member $69

shiatsuChinese Cupping Massage

An ancient technique utilizing fixed and moving cupping along with therapeutic massage to increase the flow of blood and Qi. Effective in relieving muscle pain or early symptoms of colds and/or flu. For your awareness, please understand this technique can temporarily leave red marks on the skin.

Thai Yoga Massage

Delivers deep pressure massage combined with soothing stretches to relieve tight muscles and loosen stiff joints. Please wear loose clothing.

Japanese Shiatsu

Stimulates pressure points and meridians on the body to relieve muscle tension while balancing your mind and body. Please wear loose clothing.