SP Detox Balance Program

Welcome to the SP Detox Balance Program! You're reading this because you're either about to start your program or interested in how it'll work with your current lifestyle. We know detoxes can feel amazing, but they can also seem intimidating at first. Here at AcuSpa, we want you to feel informed and confident in your detox program, so we went ahead and bookmarked some of our favorite tools!

Below you'll find a toxicity questionnaire, a PDF version of the SP Detox Balance book, and some delicious detox-approved recipes!

Standard Process Toxicity Questionnaire

This 18 question quiz takes less than 5 minutes and provides you with your toxicity level. Patients who experience a level of 40 or more may benefit from a detox.

Click HERE to take the quiz and determine your toxicity levels!

SP Detox Balance Program Guide

This book about the SP Detox Balance Program is a 90-page guide explaining how your 10 or 28-day program will go. It covers the science behind metabolic detoxification, provides a calendar and food log to track your progress, and includes recipes for breakfast, lunch dinner and more! Does this book look familiar? Our inventory and lobby are fully stocked with these handy little guides! Come flip through one while waiting for your next session!

Click the image below (or here) for a FREE PDF copy of the SP Detox Program Balance Program book.

Our bookmarked pages?

Pages 28-33 break down your detox grocery list

Pages 38-81 are full of detox-approved recipes

Page 83 calculates your protein needs

Interested in getting a FREE physical copy? Each purchase of SP Detox Balance powder comes with a complimentary book and shaker bottle. Call today to see what flavors we have in stock!

SP Detox-Approved Recipes

Eating during a detox can seem daunting. We personally know that pain of being the only one at the table on a detox.
Click the image below (or here) for a FREE copy of SP Detox Program Recipes