How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Work?

Did you know the air we breathe is 21% oxygen? The rest of our atmosphere is comprised of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy delivers 100% pure oxygen to your bloodstream to:

  • Improve tissue and muscle repair
  • Reduce inflammation in the brain and body
  • Enhance cognitive function

During an HBOT session, the pressure inside the chamber will gradually increase to a level that is typically 2-3 times greater than normal atmospheric pressure. Hyperbaric pressure turns oxygen from a gas form into a liquid so that it can diffuse directly into your bloodstream. Oxygen is essential for the creation of tissues, blood vessels, and ATP- the energy source our cells use to perform certain functions.

Pricing and Packages

60 minutes- $130

5 Pack - $575

10 Pack - $1000


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There are 3 phases of wound healing. Soothing inflammation, regrowing blood vessels, and improving collagen production. According to One Base, "HBOT has been shown to enhance all three phases of the wound healing process by reducing inflammation, promoting angiogenesis and tissue regeneration, and enhancing collagen synthesis and remodeling" all through the additional boost of oxygen.  


Those with the following conditions should speak with a doctor before booking your appointment:

Lung diseases, collapsed lung, cold or flu, ear infections, ear injury, and/or ear surgery.

Read more on our FAQ page.

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