About Us

AcuSpa is a Boutique Spa and Wellness Center serving the Pasadena area since 2003.

In the era of $30 massages on every block, Acuspa has consistently maintained its value by providing our guests with quality treatments from our well-trained therapists. Whether you fancy Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage, our therapists are knowledgeable and are equipped to not only provide a pampering experience but a therapeutic one as well. Our guests receive a FULL 60 minutes for their services and in addition, extra time is scheduled so that our guests can seek health advice if they so choose.

At Acuspa we are proud that our therapists are among the highest compensated in the industry. We believe that seeing value in our therapists will translate to the highest quality services for our guests. This motto has served us well since 2003. As spas have opened and closed around us, AcuSpa continues to grow, thanks to the testimonial and referrals of our loyal clients.

Thank you, Pasadena! We are deeply grateful.

Kevin & Alice Taylor, Owners