Health Evaluation

At AcuSpa we offer a comprehensive health evaluation. 

With each health evaluation, we aim to create a personalized plan that works synergistically with your current medical goals or concerns. 

It’s important to note that our goal is NOT to replace your current doctor or the medications you’re taking. We offer holistic remedies and supplements to stabilize your health so that you and your healthcare practitioner can reassess your plan at some point.

Your first appointment:

Your first appointment will begin with some brief paperwork so we can get a better understanding of your areas of concern. 

While filling out our forms, please make sure that you take your time and think through your answers. Give us an honest and accurate assessment of your health. This paperwork will ask you about your history with the following: 

  • Surgeries (including cosmetic)
  • Prescribed medications or OTC medications
  • Your fluid intake
  • Sleep patterns
  • Diet and exercise plans

Before this appointment, you’ll be asked to bring the following:

  • A printed copy of your blood work
  • Prescribed medications or OTC medications
  • Any supplements and vitamins you’re taking

Once proper info is provided, we will design an easy-to-follow program just for you. We are on your side to ensure that your experience will be successful.

Pricing for Health Evaluations

1st appointment (60 minutes) - $125

Returning appt. (60 minutes) - $50

Virtual appointments:

Phone appointments are scheduled the same way in-office appointments are, except all paperwork will be faxed/emailed/ or mailed to you. Once you have completed all forms and we have received them back, we can schedule a phone appointment.

Returned Supplements:

* Pre-approval is required for all returns

* Refrigerated items cannot be returned

*A 15% restocking fee, less shipping, and handling, will be applied to unopened, UN-refrigerated returns.

*Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase.

*Special orders can not be returned

Supplement Orders:

In order to achieve the intended health outcome, we monitor the nutritional supplements you are taking very carefully. When working with us, you will need to purchase the supplements directly from us. This allows us to make sure you are taking exactly the right supplements at the correct dosage.

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