Smooth Operators
If you have visited or called AcuSpa - chances are you have talked to or met the front  staff. They are responsible for the smooth operation of the spa, which is no easy task, yet somehow they handle what comes their way with a smile and genuine sincerity. This fact is not lost on our guests as they consistently receive high marks on our evaluation forms. Any business owner will tell you the front desk staff is the face of the business. At AcuSpa, we are delighted and  proud to have them representing us.

AcuSpa therapists are experienced, skilled and knowledgeable and they embody AcuSpa's philosophy of wellness. Thier goal is not just to pamper but to provide our guests with a therapeutic experience. Each session is a FULL 60 min with added time at the end- should the guests have questions. At AcuSpa we are proud our therapists are among the highest compensated in the industry. We believe that seeing value in our therapists will translate to the highest quality services for our guests.