Health Fairs

Let AcuSpa Wellness Center take care of you with a health fair. Our center can bring to you a comprehensive health evaluation, comprised of several quick non evasive and most of all informative test(screenings). These include but not limited to: Digestion, Cardiovascular, Nervous, Endocrine, Muscular, and Reproductive systems. Also, we offer Body Composition, *Diet & *Nutritional Supplement analysis.

Here is how it works. Following a brief introduction and talk:

1. Each participant will receive their own Health Log Sheet.

2. Each participant will walk from station to station for test(screening).

3. Our staff will perform the test(screening) & log results.

4. Once the participant has completed the HLS, they are done.

There will be Q & A cards available, which will be read allowed at the end of the event.

Once everyone has completed their HLS, we will commence with a Q & A session (if time permitted) and some final words for a closing.

Our staff will walk participants through each step and answer any questions if needed.

If a participant should need some health support in a particular area, they are recommendations on each sheet, next that particular test. There is also a space provided for a follow-up test.

Our primary health care practitioner will be present and administering some of the text.

*For Diet Analaysis (received in advanced via e-mail) please fill-out 1 week worth of daily diet on Food Log in advance and bring into event.

*For Nutritional Supplement Analysis, please bring to the event with you.

AcuSpa will offer a drawing for FREE services & raffle off gifts each 15 minutes.