Nutritional Exam



How is your pH? Got Zinc?

Early detection gives us a chance to remedy our situation! Don't wait for "Disease" to show up in your blood work- it may be too late! Most diseases are due to organs being over worked & under nourished. AcuSpa may not be able to help with the over worked part, but we can help you with the nourishing part.

A symptom is your body asking for help(aka: nutrients, not drugs or OTC's). if the organs are stressed long enough, that symptom becomes a disease or pathology!

Take action NOW and it is FREE!

($125 value in total)

January - Oral pH & Urine pH

February -Iodine Skin Patch

March - Calcium & Adrenals

April - Gall Bladder/Enzyme/Stomach-Hydrochloric Acid /Large & Small Intestine

May - Body Composition (Height, weights, % Body & Visceral Fat, Muscle and body age)

June - Zinc Oral

July - Oral pH & Urine pH

August - Iodine Skin Patch

September - Calcium & Adrenals

October - Gall Bladder/Enzyme/Stomach-Hydrochloric Acid/ Large & Small Intestine

November -Body Composition (Height, weight,% body & Visceral Fat,Muscle & Body age

December - Zinc Oral