Because the demands of our daily demands drain our nutritional reserves, we must regularly look after ourselves and replenish our reservers. AcuSpa aims to help you with that aspect of our HEALTH. We have set up a calendar focusing on certain areas each month. During a given month, we will provide you with: a complimentary test, pertinent useful information, healthy suggestions and a product discount. 

How is your pH? Got Zinc?
Early detection gives us a chance to remedy our situation! Don't wait for "Disease" to show up in your blood work- it may be too late! Take action NOW and it is FREE,  Initial & follow-up!
The year looks like this:

MONTH                   FOCUS                          FREE  TEST (value $100+)     
JANUARY     Immune System Health           Oral pH & Urine pH
FEBRUARY   Seasonal Stresses                     Iodine Skin Patch
MARCH         General Nutritional Needs       Calcium & Adrenals
APRIL            Sleep Health                               GB/Enzyme/Stomach(Acid)/GI Track
MAY               Bone Health.                               Composition: Height/weight/Fat & Muscle%
JUNE              Mens Health                               Zinc Test Oral
JULY               Skin Health                                 Oral pH & Urine pH
AUGUST         Healthy Aging                            Iodine Skin Patch
SEPTEMBER Chewable Supplements           Calcium & Adrenals
OCTOBER       Healthy Digestion                     GB/Enzyme/Stomach(Acid)/GI Track
NOVEMBER   Blood Sugar Support                Composition: Height/weight/Fat & Muscle%
DECEMBER    Purification                                 Zinc Test Oral