Hello Vegetarians. AcuSpa commends your efforts to have a healthy and happy life without eating animal meat.
We offer the best quality, therefore physiology improving, options for you as a food supplement to your current diet.
FYI: Most supplements, available at stores and on line, are not from plants, because they are made in a laboratory, by a chemist,therefore a chemical. Deffently not made by Mother Nature. "IF IT IS MADE BY A PLANT, EAT IT! IF IT MADE IN A PLANT, AVOID IT!
As you know MOST herbs are plant sourced. We also carry a full line of herbs as well.

The following is a list of our plant food based supplements- from a real farm!:

Vegetarian Nutritional Supplements                                                                                  Wellness Center
Betafood- contains beets to support digestion and intestinal function Inositol- supports healthy cell membrane integrity, signaling, and the normal processing of fats in the liver.
Cal-Amo- suggests normal cellular pH, contains compounds that are useful in supporting proper acid/alkaline balance. Inositol Powder- helps support the cardiovascular and nervous systems, cell membrane integrity, signaling, and the normal processing of fats in the liver.
Calcium- supports absorption of and contains a 5:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium. Lactic Acid Yeast- supports a healthy intestinal environment, cleanses and promotes healthy function in the lower gastrointestinal tract.
Calsol- supports soft tissue, gallbladder function as well as the digestive, musculoskeletal, and central nervous systems. Min-Tran- contains mineral complexes to support emotional balance, supports a healthy nervous system and the actions of neurotransmitters that regulate mood.
Cayenne Pepper- supports healthy gastric digestion and healthy blood lipid profiles already within a normal range. Organically Bound Minerals- encourages healthy enzyme functioning, supports nervous system health, and helps maintain proper cellular energy production.
Cellular Vitality- supports the body as a whole, with specific emphasis on cellular processes. Phosfood Liquid- encourages a healthy blood calcium-phosphorus ratio, promotes healthy cellular metabolism, and supports bone health.
Chlorophyll Complex- supports multiple body systems, vascular health, and maintains skin and hair health; capsules are made of Gelatin. Prebiotic Inulin- supports bone health, immune system functions, and gut balance, encourages a healthy intestinal environment to benefit probiotic intestinal flora, and promotes a healthy pH in the lower GI tract.
Chlorine- supports healthy fat metabolism and provides support for methylation reactions. Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)- supports cell replication, growth, and protein synthesis. Promotes healthy cellular growth, functioning, and development.
Cruciferous Complete- supports cellular health, healthy liver function, and provides antioxidant activity; capsules are made of Gelatin. SP Cleanse- supports healthy kidney, liver, and gallbladder function, healthy digestive function, and the body’s natural toxin-elimination function.
Echinacea-C- supports the immune system and healthy white blood cells. SP Complete- offers essential whole food nutrition, supports intestinal, muscular, and immune system health.
Enzycore- a blend of enzymes, glutamine, and whole food ingredients designed to support healthy digestion and maximize nutrient absorption. SP Complete Dairy Free- essential whole food nutrition powder, supports intestinal, muscular, and immune system health, healthy liver function, normal toxin-elimination function, and maintenance of healthy weight.
Epimune Complex- supports specific aspects of immune system activity and supports respiratory health year-round. SP Greed Food- promotes healthy liver function, antioxidant activity, overall cellular health, and cholesterol metabolism.
Gastro-Fiber- supports the digestive system, healthy elimination, and maintains healthy lipid and blood glucose levels. Spanish Black Radish- provides support for the body’s organs, supports healthy liver and gallbladder function, and the body’s normal toxin-elimination function.
Ginkgo Synergy- natural properties of Ginkgo bilboa and grape seed extract to support healthy brain function and supports pliability in blood vessel walls.