4 Sneaky Signs You’re Due for a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Your lymphatic system affects every part of your body. Frequently feeling swollen, stiff and sick are some common signs your lymphatic system is overloaded and in much need of some TLC. How do you know you're due for a lymphatic drainage massage (LDM)? Let's keep reading to find out!


1 Swelling in the hands and feet.

Do your socks leave marks around your ankles? Do you struggle to take your rings off at the end of the night? Do you swell up as soon as you even LOOK at anything salty? These are all signs that there's an issue with fluid retention. 

When there's a disruption in your lymphatic system, your lymph nodes become blocked and excess fluid can't drain effectively. As a result, the fluid moves into the surrounding tissues, causing (sometimes painful) inflammation. The best method at healing this inflammation would be to perform a manual lymphatic drainage massage.


2 Muscle and Joint Pain

You shouldn't have to wake up stiff and achy every morning. In fact, did you know waking up sore is not a sign of old age. Feeling persistent pain in your muscles throughout the day could signify your lymphatic system needs some help. As we mentioned before, excess fluid and metabolic waste that cannot be flushed into their lymph nodes cause inflammation in the surrounding tissues.

Sore muscles and joints could be due to fluid retention and/or a lack of circulation. Some great ways to relieve inflammation would be elevating your legs, stretching for 5-10 minutes each morning and night, and applying manual lymphatic drainage massage techniques. 


3 Digestive Issues

Do you struggle with frequent stomach issues like IBS? There are lymphatic tissues found in the lining of your small intestine. These tissues, also knows as Peyer's Patches, kill bad bacteria before it reaches the intestinal wall and prevents pathogens from causing infections. They maintain homeostasis for your gut health. 

When these lymphatic tissues are blocked, you may experience symptoms like constipation and bloating. Clean eating and detoxes can help flush the lymphatic nodes in your stomach, but manually stimulating the nodes with a massage may be the most effective method of providing relief. 


4 Frequent sinus issues and infections

Do you frequently feel under the weather and don't know why? Sore throats, feeling sluggish, fatigued and generally feeling under the weather? Your lymphatic system works synergistically with your immune system to flush out toxins and maintain a healthy body. At its healthiest, your lymph system creates white blood cells to prevent pathogens from causing infections. 


So What's the Next Step?

Unlike your heart’s circulatory system, the lymphatic system doesn’t pump itself, so it requires manual drainage. Here at AcuSpa, our massage therapists specialize in lymphatic drainage massages and can help you get your lymph health back on track! Not only do we provide LDMs, but our therapists can also teach you how to maintain your lymphatic health on a daily basis. 

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