General Philosophies

When it comes to your health are you thriving or just surviving?

Do you need to provide nutritional help to your body?

How does Nutrition address today's health issues?

Virtually all of us need to support our bodies organs, in order to function properly in one way or another. Due to the fact that you clicked on this page, it is an indicator that you are not feeling 100% in some facets of your life, right? You are not alone!

All people: you, me and other medical health practitioners need to regularly take care of ourselves from the "grass roots" up, literary!

By building a healthy inside, as a foundation, will allow our bodies to do what it needs to, in order to function properly. That means consuming the food sources. Sources that are closest to what Mother Nature intended.

Supplements-Synthetic (laboratory or engineered) food supplements are an example of deviating away from mother nature. The further from Nature you go the less recognizable,useful, and even harmful they can be for our bodies. "If it comes from a plant,eat it! If it is made in a plant, don't touch it!"

We all go through periods of time (some of us long periods of time) straying from healthy living. This may cause slow and barely perceivable unintended changes in our bodies. A very busy or stressed person may not notice them, or down play these changes (warning signs).

The GOOD news is that we can correct these seen and unforeseen changes in our bodies. In most cases these improvements can take far less time to correct than the time it took for the onset of the bad changes to become noticeable.

Nice to know, right?!

Kevin Taylor.