Hello Pet Lovers. AcuSpa wants to commend your efforts to want the best possible health for your pet, dog, cat or horse. Many of our clients are pet owners and as we are looking after your health, you are looking after our pets health. Our top notch supplements are also available for animals.
As you may know, our pets are getting problems similar to humans: over weight, skin rash, diabetes, kidney heart or liver disease.......... The cause is the same as for us humans: nutritionally deficient!
Low nutrients= symptoms + time= problems! Treat problems with nutrients (not drugs) and avoid problems with nutrients. If a pet has full reserves of nutrients, the supply is always ready when the pets body(organ systems) has a need. If the reserves are not there, the pets body goes without= lower function (i.e. symptom). Over time this leads to a disease.
"NOURISH TO FLOURISH". Be the voice for your pet! We can help.

The following is a list of items we have available. Shipment to your house is also available.

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